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After sales service

Providing after-sales services based on customer satisfaction index in Switzerland SWICS codified in 1999 and ISO 10002(2004)

Services that can be provided:

Mobile service
Creation of specialized units in the after-sales service unit
Providing services anywhere in Iran on average in less than 24 hours

Compilation of standard time rate and wage tables
Compilation of standard time for all services related to the device
Compilation of the standard rate for all parts, which is fixed throughout Iran and under the control of the service office.

Technical and maintenance instructions
Technical manuals and repair videos from the manufacturer and create a very strong documentation center
Translation of all books used by customers into Farsi

Special tool supply system
Creating a system for preparing and equipping tools and setting up a repair and maintenance unit for all equipment
Preparation of birth certificate and calibration card for special tools and even general tools

Customer survey
Designing and implementing the most accurate and advanced customer satisfaction measurement system

Customer complaint handling system
Dealing with customer complaints based on ISO regulations

Network development program
In addition to monitoring its after-sales service, Tamma Sadid company has taken the necessary measures to periodically monitor its after-sales service network.

Quality of services and devices
Numerical representation of the quality of after-sales service

Annual visit of all machines by the staff of the mother plant

Convincing parent factories to deploy technical personnel for the whole year in Iran, considering the high volume of sales

Warranty means fixing all defects caused by any errors in the manufacture and assembly of the craft and its parts. The warranty period of the products in Tammam Sadid company is 1500 hours or one solar year (whichever comes first). This warranty does not include electronic devices such as LCD, radio broadcast, battery, etc., and the tires of the device are also not included in the warranty.

This company supports all its products in terms of parts and technical services for 10 years from the date of sale.

For more information, contact the after-sales service unit of the planning department
(021) 88427173-6

Also, contact the after-sales service unit to convey your suggestions and complaints.