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Introduction of Sodid mining machinery company (All Sodid)

This company was established in 1382 in order to participate in the construction of Islamic Iran. Regarding the supply, assembly and production of mining and road construction machinery, supply of parts and after-sales services, and relying on the experiences and abilities of specialists and using all its resources, this company has been able to provide wide facilities in the field of immediate supply and delivery of machinery and spare parts. provide customer training and service and repairs as soon as possible for those involved in the construction of Islamic Iran.

Also, this company was chosen as the selected company among 160 companies in terms of the price and quality of the machines in the investigation of the technical and civil engineering department of the municipality.

Tamme Sadid factory in a place with an area of 5000 square meters, consisting of office premises, manufacturing hall, assembly hall, the most complete warehouse of spare parts, a central repair shop, a mobile repair center, a technical training center for customers and personnel, an unloading and loading ramp, one of the most equipped centers. Motor Test is engaged in providing after-sales services and has an expert and committed staff who always improve their level of technical knowledge by holding training courses by parent companies inside and outside the country and are ready to provide services and support to applicants all over the country. is the country

We also thank God that in 2011, in order to achieve self-sufficiency and with the inspiration of superior technology, we have succeeded in designing and manufacturing a complete TSL936 3 ton loader machine.

We are thinking of acquiring indigenous technology.